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When the Bottom Drops Out
 Overcoming the Devastating Loss of Your Business
When the Bottom Drops Out
 Overcoming the Devastating Loss of Your Business
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Mike C Book Mockup (cutout).png
We invite you to read a preview of the book. 

A book based on a jaw-dropping conflict between a business started from scratch, lawyers, and ex-partners who  forced the original founder out


"I am seventy-one years old, and I am in pain. I have been on a roller coaster of emotional pain for the last decade. Writing this book is my effort to overcome this pain caused by the loss of my business in 2012."

– Michael (Mike) Couture

Author of When the Bottom Drops Out –

Overcoming the Devastating Loss of Your Business.

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"What they are doing may not be right, but they have the right to do it."

– Mike & His Partners Company Attorney

Excerpt From

When The Bottom Drops Out –

Overcoming The Devastating Loss Of Your Business




The day was Thursday, September 13, 2012. I was sixty years old at the time. It was early-afternoon and I had been working at my desk in our company office in Bentonville, Arkansas. I received a call on my mobile phone from one of my three business partners. He asked that I meet him at our attorney’s office. He said it was urgent. I asked myself "What could be so urgent that I have to drop everything and rush over to our attorney’s office?"

Excerpt From

When The Bottom Drops Out –

Overcoming The Devastating Loss Of Your Business

What's Covered in the Book?



Building A Business Servicing Retailers Nationally, Including Walmart

Mike's respect for Sam Walton and his business acumen motivated him to move his family from South Florida to Northwest Arkansas in 1998. Ultimately serving the world's largest company was a huge milestone in Mike's accomplished entrepreneurial career.


Overcoming The Trauma of  Devastating Loss

How does someone conquer the hurtles of betrayal? At 60 years old, Mike Couture was expelled from the very business he had founded and spent his professional career building. Mike addresses the deep emotional turmoil and financial hardship it caused him – and how he is working to overcome them.


Navigating the Legal Labyrinth: From Founder to Financial Ruin

Many ordinary citizens find themselves ensnared in a system where the scales of justice  tilt unfavorably. This book shines a light on the inequities in our legal system based on one’s ability to afford the cost of representation and litigation.

What First Readers are Saying

"I admire the vulnerability and authenticity it took for Mike Couture to share his gut-wrenching story. The book hit home – it makes me wonder if it could happen to my business too."

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Abraham Lincoln

"You must remember that some things legally right are not morally right."

Sam Walton

"Personal and moral integrity is one of our basic fundamentals and it has to start with each of us."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The time is always right to do what is right."
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